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What's in a name?

This website, by any other name, would not be as sweet.
Namesakes are incredibly important, especially in the digital world. The internet is filled with domains, brands, and personalities all trying to duke it out. Having a custom space on the internet to share yours is integral to developing brand recognition and growing your business.
I thought of a lot of names before launching my website – some of them were pretty clever 😏 – but chose to use my own. I'm building a company and in today's world, that means building a brand.
I'm proud of my writing, which is why I'm not afraid to put my name on it when the opportunity arises. So, when it comes to the collection of my work and showcasing the content I provide, of course, I'm using my own name.
If Shakespeare were writing today, he'd do the same.

Author Bree Weber Published 6/25/2018, 5:10:53 AM Permalink

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