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The Badge of Busyness

In this personal essay, I discuss the recent change in our society from doing to appearing to do. This new-found focus on productivity has actually made us – individually – less productive. 'Busy' has become a status symbol more than a state of being. In our pursuit to seem important or successful we're all trying to appear busy; this process inevitably takes up time, making it harder to find time to actually develop important work or create a successful life. We wear this busyness symbol like a badge, proclaiming our busyness to the world, instead of getting down to business.
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Update: This article has become my most popular Medium article garnering over 3,000 views, placement on the 1st page of the Productivity Section, and receiving over 50 fans, 500 claps, and 25 highlights 🤩

Author Bree Weber Published 4/12/2018, 7:13:09 AM Permalink

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