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What's up with the profanity on your homepage?

I love language, even the crude bits. That said, I always write with my client in mind. So, if F-bombs aren't your thing, I won't use them for your content. Messaging is most effective when it's written in the reader's voice. Most of my clients use passionate language in reality, even if they button things up professionally, which is why you'll see it speckled around here.

What previous experience do you have?

I took my first paid writing job in 2007. Like other freelancers, my career hasn't been a linear path since graduating with my B.A. in English Literature and Language. I studied for my masters in London, worked at a Madison Ave literacy agency in NYC, and started my own publishing company in Denver. In everything I've done – writing, publishing, and marketing – storytelling has been at the heart of every job.

Are you currently accepting clients?

Yes, as of December 2018, I'm accepting clients for special projects and retainers.

Who are your clients?

I work with a lot of solopreneurs who have reached a busyness level where they simply can't do it all. I also work with a lot of personal brands who struggle to write about themselves, because they're simply too close to their business. The rest of my clients tend to be either small businesses who are scaling their company growth or marketing and design agencies.

What do you charge?

I list all of my current prices on my website; check out my special projects and retainer packages. If you have a custom project, send me an email and I'll create a custom quote.

Why do you only work on retainer for ongoing content?

I prefer to work closely with my clients because, frankly, it gets results. The dual committment of a retainer package means we're both all in, partners in making your ongoing content and our professional relatinoship a success.

What are your payment terms for special projects?

Projects under $1,000 are due in advance. Projects that exceed $1,000 will be broken up into installment payments, either two payments of 50% or four payments of 25% depending on the specific details.

What are your payment terms for retainers?

For the first 3 test projects (where we see how the water feels), I require payment up front. All retainers are billed monthly in two payments of 50%.

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. Once we discuss the scope of your project, we'll both sign an agreement in plain English that outlines what I promise to do and what you promise to do. I find that if we're on the same page from the get-go, we'll never need to use it.

How do I get my content?

I deliver projects via Dropbox Paper. You'll be able to leave feedback that I can view, and we can even have mini-conversations right in the cloud-based document. You'll be able to copy/paste or download the final version.

How long is your turnaround time?

For retainer clients, I provide content on a set schedule that we'll agree upon in advance. For test projects, I turnaround a first draft for your feedback within 5-10 business days based on the content type. Timelines for special projects are based on the size of the project as well as your scheduled launch date.

Can I make changes once you've delivered content?

You bet! I offer unlimited revisions for 2 weeks following initial delivery. I'm able to offer this because I work hard to get your content right in the first draft, so you'll only have a few changes, if any!

Do you offer work for hire content?

You will receive copyright to all of the work I create for you (unless we discuss otherwise) once I receive your final approval on the work as well as full and complete payment.

What if I don't want anyone to know you wrote my stuff?

I am essentially ghostwriting under your name, which means everything I create for you, once copyright has been transferred, is officially yours. You don't need to include my byline or credit me in anyway when you share the content. I do reserve the right to showcase the work I did for you in my portfolio, so other folks who are looking for a copywriter can see examples of my writing.

What's the difference between a blog post and an article?

Blog posts are pieces of content crafted specifically for your website's blog. Articles are similar in length and topics, but are drafted for an external website such as Medium or LinkedIn, and must therefore adhere to another platform's best practices and editorial guidelines.

How do you define a business day?

Business days are the working days of the week (Monday–Friday) excluding American holidays and dates that I've notified my clients in advance that I will be on vacation.

Do you go on vacation a lot?

Well, you'd probably call it a working vacation. While I travel frequently, I take my work with me and continue to write and deliver on the go. If I plan to disconnect from email and work altogether, I'll give at least 2 weeks advance notice to coordinate early delivery dates.

What if I live in a different state or country?

Awesome! I work remotely, too, and the internet will bring us together via email, phone call, or video chat. I have clients in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, so I'm comfortable coordinating time zones.

Ok, now what do I do?

If you'd like to have a chat about working with me, shoot me an email with some information about you, your company, and what you're looking for. Don't forget to use the secret handshake! 🤝

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